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Don’t Answer the User’s Question

Often times I find myself in a research session with a user where I’m asked how a particular feature should work. While the question in of itself is a clue to you as a product manager that either: a. it’s not working as intended; or b. the experience isn’t clear – it’s also an amazing opportunity to allow the user to guide you in their assumptions on how something should work.

I’ve ... Read more.

Upgrade Elasticsearch Cluster Software and Hardware Seamlessly

Cluster Upgrades

Our decision to begin using Elasticsearch came from a fairly typical use case for the popular distributed data store. We had hundreds of millions of pieces of content, and we wanted to support text search across them. As we set out to migrate our architecture from a relatively simple Postgres setup to include indexing all of our documents into Elasticsearch, we did ... Read more.

Getting Started with Django REST Framework (DRF) and AngularJS (Part 2)

Read: Part 1 - Initial Project Setup Write: Part 2 Supplementary Code

This is the second post in a multi-part series geared toward getting started with Django Rest Framework (DRF) and AngularJS. The goal ... Read more.

Using pytest with Django

When it comes to testing in python pytest is my favorite testing tool. pytest is a testing framework that strips out boilerplate and adds a whole bunch of sensible utilities to make your tests more pythonic. In this post we'll cover how to add that awesomeness to a Django project.

Comparing unitest to ... Read more.

Mocking Mistakes

I've discussed the value of using Python's mock library for testing in a couple of previous articles Making a Mockery of Python and Real Life Mocking. Recently, however, a Read more.

Getting Started with Django REST Framework (DRF) and AngularJS (Part 1)

This is the first section in a series about getting started with Django, Django REST Framework (DRF) and AngularJS. The goal of this series to to create an extensive, RESTful web application that uses Django and Django REST Framework as the server ... Read more.

Monthly Challenge: Functional Programming

Our topic for this month's Monthly Challenge meetup is Functional Programming! In this post, we'll get you started with one of the many languages out there dedicated to functional programming: Haskell! Here at TrackMaven, we write most of our code in Python and JavaScript, which are both ... Read more.

Real Life Mocking

In a previous post we discussed a basic use case for Python's fantastic mock library, showing how mock objects are useful for isolating components of an application and creating clean unit tests. By testing against the fake interface provided by a mock object, we can check how our functions are ... Read more.

Monthly Challenge: Mobile Development

TrackMaven's next Monthly Challenge meetup will cover mobile development. To help kickstart some projects, in this post I'll cover the basics of one way to get started creating a cross-platform mobile app.

We'll be using Read more.