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Using pytest with Django

When it comes to testing in python pytest is my favorite testing tool. pytest is a testing framework that strips out boilerplate and adds a whole bunch of sensible utilities to make your tests more pythonic. In this post we'll cover how to add that awesomeness to a Django project.

Comparing unitest to ... Read more.

Announcing Celery Once

At TrackMaven we are big users of Celery, an asynchronous task queue written in Python. Today we're happy to release a useful package we have been using internally called Celery Once!

Celery Once allows you to specify and run unique tasks across your distributed Celery cluster. It can ... Read more.

A Better Development Environment with Docker and Fig

Local development environments can be a nightmare. Have you ever run into a scenario where something works on your machine but not on your colleagues'? Having to spend time debugging platform-specific problems is a frustrating productivity sink.

Before we explore how to set up our stress free development environment, let's consider what key elements it should ... Read more.