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Monthly Challenge: Functional Programming

Our topic for this month's Monthly Challenge meetup is Functional Programming! In this post, we'll get you started with one of the many languages out there dedicated to functional programming: Haskell! Here at TrackMaven, we write most of our code in Python and JavaScript, which are both ... Read more.

2014: Year in Review

Since this is the first year that TrackMaven has our Engine Room blog, this will be our first year in review. But I am hoping that this is a trend that will continue as we grow! We want to highlight a lot of what we did during 2014, and show our incredible growth as a department. You can head over to see our company-wide 2014 in review to get a ... Read more.

Using Bower

Using Bower can save you a lot of time installing and keeping track of your third-party JavaScript libraries. It can be difficult to keep track of which version of what library you or your team uses, that's why we use it here at TrackMaven. Below I will go into how and why we use it.

What is Bower

So what is Bower? Bower is the "package manager ... Read more.

Setting Up HTTPS Security

Here at TrackMaven, we have made it our goal to provide our customers with the most secure access to our application as possible. And in light of the recent news emerging in web security, most concerning Heartbleed, we rethought our best practices and now limit access to our application to only secured HTTPS and making ... Read more.