2014: Year in Review

Since this is the first year that TrackMaven has our Engine Room blog, this will be our first year in review. But I am hoping that this is a trend that will continue as we grow! We want to highlight a lot of what we did during 2014, and show our incredible growth as a department. You can head over to see our company-wide 2014 in review to get a better understanding how TrackMaven as a whole grew, but below you will find some interesting facts about the Engineering team.

So here are the numbers:

  • +4 Engineers. We started 2014 with four engineers and have doubled in size! There were definitely some growing pains, but check out Farhan's onboarding post to see how far we've come!
  • +8,965 code commits. Even as fast as our team has been expanding, so has the code base for TrackMaven. We are constantly trying to provide the best platform for digital marketers, and committing code helps us get there.
  • +204 releases. Even though continuous deployment was something we added to our stack around June of 2014, we were still able to push 204 releases of the application to our customers.

We also released some amazing features & enhancements in 2014!

  • We migrated completely from Heroku to AWS to give the engineers finer control of the application.
  • We secured our application with SSL to provide the utmost secure connection with our customers. (Read how to set up HTTPS here.)
  • We released an amazing data visualization suite using D3. (You can read more on how to integrate D3 in AngularJS here)
  • We scaled everything! Just like the task of doubling our engineering staff, we were able to scale TrackMaven, more than doubling our infrastructure. (Read about scaling PostgreSQL here)
  • We introduced Elasticsearch into our cluster to give our customers access to blazing fast search of our activity feed.

Other Nice Things

  • We started becoming a pillar of the DC Tech scene, giving 15 talks ranging from lightning talks at local meetups, to one-off talks at other companies, to a few Python conferences. As we grow as a team, I hope to see the number of talks given to the tech communities also grow.
  • We also started a Monthly Challenge Meetup to encourage the DC tech community to continue to learn and improve.

We have a lot more planned for 2015 and will be writing about it here on the Engine Room! Here's to an amazing 2015.

Josh Finnie

I am a Software Maven at TrackMaven.

You can follow me on Twitter, find my open-source projects on Github or read more of my writtings on my personal website.