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Monthly Challenge: Functional Programming

Our topic for this month's Monthly Challenge meetup is Functional Programming! In this post, we'll get you started with one of the many languages out there dedicated to functional programming: Haskell! Here at TrackMaven, we write most of our code in Python and JavaScript, which are both ... Read more.

Monthly Challenge: Mobile Development

TrackMaven's next Monthly Challenge meetup will cover mobile development. To help kickstart some projects, in this post I'll cover the basics of one way to get started creating a cross-platform mobile app.

We'll be using Read more.

Monthly Challenge: Visualization

Using CartoDB and Three.js for mapping

Our next monthly challenge is visualization! Although you could visualize data on just about anything in just about any way, for this post we're going to focus on mapping data geographically using two different tools:

  • CartoDB: a great drag-and-drop solution for super quick and simple map creation ... Read more.

Monthly Challenge: Natural Language Processing

Our topic for this month's Monthly Challenge meetup is NLP! In this post, we'll get you started with one possibility: using pandas and Python's Natural Language Toolkit to analyze the contents your own Gmail inbox. For those of you who are continuing ... Read more.

Monthly Challenge wrap-up: Elasticsearch

Thanks to everyone who came out and presented at our inaugural Monthly Challenge meetup! We had a great variety of Elasticsearch-related projects. Here's a quick rundown from the night:

First Monthly Challenge: Elasticsearch!

TrackMaven has begun hosting a Monthly Challenge meetup! Each month, we will name a general topic, a new technology, or something in between. We'll collect a few resources and examples to get everyone started (hence this post), then we'll meet up in a month to share short presentations on everyone's new projects.

Our ... Read more.