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Mocking Mistakes

I've discussed the value of using Python's mock library for testing in a couple of previous articles Making a Mockery of Python and Real Life Mocking. Recently, however, a Read more.

Real Life Mocking

In a previous post we discussed a basic use case for Python's fantastic mock library, showing how mock objects are useful for isolating components of an application and creating clean unit tests. By testing against the fake interface provided by a mock object, we can check how our functions are ... Read more.

Making a Mockery of Python

Today we will be talking about mocking. No, not the joke at someone else's expense kind. Mocking is a technique to temporarily replace real parts of our code with fake, simpler parts, so that we can check that the rest of the parts are working as we intend. Here we'll consider some simple use cases for mocking in Python tests, and try to show how this ... Read more.